The Environmental Weeds Action Network (EWAN) is a community initiative to tackle the problem of environmental weeds in bushland and waterways. It brings together community members in both urban and rural areas, bush regenerators, local government, weed scientists and ecologists to save our indigenous flora from the threat of weeds. EWAN was formed at a public meeting in February 1996 by members of other community groups concerned about lack of effective management of weeds and the lack of communication between community groups and government agencies.

EWAN aims to

  • Promote the retention and management of Australia's precious natural bushland by limiting the invasion of environmental weeds.
  • Raise public and government awareness of the destructive effects environmental weeds are having on our native plant communities.
  • Bring influence to bear on the production of legislation to recognise and control environmental weeds.
  • Produce, print, publish and/or distribute written material desirable for the promotion of control and management of environmental weeds.
  • Identify research projects and promote them to research bodies.
  • Liaise and co-operate with similar organisations both in Australia and overseas.

2014 EWAN WEEDS FORUM 2014 - Environmental weeds: past, present and future

EWAN’s Weeds Forum for 2014 was held at Murdoch University on the 28 November, and considered the past, present and future of environmental weeds in WA. The Forum was extremely successful, with 170 people registered from a wide range of backgrounds.

For a report on the proceedings, please visit our FORUM 2014 page.